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  • 1 - Informational Website
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  • 4 - Domain and Hosting

At Stealth Digital we build informational websites to:

  • promote your products and services
  • automate the lead generation process
  • enable potential clients to contact you
  • share your business aspirations with online audience
  • get your business online to the right people, at the right time, with the right message

Your informational website will be clearly branded and clutter-free that will be SEO-friendly to help improve Google rankings. It will have a unique design and theme, with mobile friendliness built from the get-go. The pages will be compelling, with call to actions for clients to make an action e.g. give you a call. The contact page will be carefully designed and located on the menu to maximise results. Your potential customers will be interacting with a secured, fast website hosted locally in New Zealand.

At Stealth Digital we have build online stores from Shopify to WordPress Woocommerce platforms. We will setup:

  • Products (title, images, pricing, description)
  • Cart and Checkout page
  • Payment gateways (Online Banking, Paypal, Stripe, Oxipay, Credit Card etc)
  • Invoicing and Packing Slip
  • Product Variations (colors, sizes etc)
  • Receive money into your account
  • Order Management
  • Email client 

We’ll make it as easy as possible for customers to browse your range and to find a specific product. Your product pages will be compelling, with buying triggers and design features that encourage sales. Buy Now buttons and other calls to action will be carefully designed and located on the page to maximise results. Our customers will find your shopping cart and checkout processes are secure, easy to use, and quick to complete.

At Stealth Digital we have build online courses that:

  • enables students to enroll in unlimited courses
  • enables members to sell unlimited courses
  • deliver via Zoom, Instructional Videos, and Google Classrooms
  • provide quiz, assignments, and student grading
  • view and download certificates of completion
  • enables membership levels 
  • pays members directly

Your online course platform will be secured and hosted locally in New Zealand. This means the website will  load fast for your members and students. You own 100% of the online course and can tailor to the needs of students. The design and layout will be based on online course themes where courses are the call to action. As a member or instructor you don't need technical knowledge to setup as we do that for you. We will also provide training in setting up Zoom, adding courses and modules.

At Stealth Digital we provide domain and hosting services

  • We will work closely with you to choose the best domain name
  • We will setup the domain and hosting on the same day we receive full payment
  • We will notify you 1 month in adance when hosting and domain is about to expire
  • We will keep you updated on any changes to your website domain and hosting

Stealth Digital will ensure you get the best domain via our provider Godaddy, and hosting via NZ Fast Hosting. Depending on where our clients reside, we build their websites on that local server. We have clients in New Zealand, all their websites are in New Zealand. Other clients in Australia have their websites on the local server there and the few clients in the United States have their websites hosted few hundred kilometers from their house.

The process

  1. Contact us or fill in the form.
  2. We will call to discuss your enquiry.
  3. We will send an email with plan and pricing.
  4. We get to work, no muck around.

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