Logo Services

Our Logo Designer is Aiva Nobleza. She has extensive experience in the designing and branding industry. Below are some of her portfolio. Feel free to click on the images to see her work on our client websites.

About Aiva:

Aiva has been a designer all her life starting her own businesses in Philippines. Aiva is currently working as business administrator also in the Municipal Planning office of San Enrique in the Philippines.

In her spare time, Aiva likes to spend time with her husband Raffy, go for walks, go shopping and likes to travel.

Logo for My Pasifika:

– Logo represents Pasifika Island (sun, land and ocean)

Logo for gilligan Building

– Use the current design, make it transparent

Logo for Stealth Digital:

– The A in Stealth and Digital shows 2 arrows depicting companies moving forward which is our motto.
– Also follows color theme yellow and black

Logo for Boudoir Hair and Beauty:

– The owner Ashley wanted a lip stick color with a pop theme for her logo.

Logo for Absolute Courses:

– Logo to show a person graduating
– Colors chosen by Business Owner

Logo for Wahakura Weaver:

– Show Mother and Baby
– Include Weaving Basket
– Colors chosen by Business Owner

Logo for Absolute Pools:

– Must include Sunset
– Must include Color Blue and Yellow

Logo for Abacus Clean:

– Must look Modern
– Include letter A
– Must include colors black and orange

Logo for Tangeez Donuts:

– Must Include Donut
– Must Brand Name

Logo for Lawns and Yard:

– Must Include Colors Green and Brown

Logo only for LC Renovations:

– Must Include Wordings LC Renovations

Logo only for Domina8

– Must use colors blue and green and the logo covering or dominating the wording.

Logo only for Reretahi Services

– Tree growing
– Black background