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  • 1 - Social Media
  • 2 - Google Ads
  • 3 - SEO + Analytics
  • 4 - Email Marketing

As part of our Lead Generation package we work with you to create an appealing social media presence, either Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Stealth Digital has a profile for each of the above tools so we know what works and how. 

What you would expect from your Social Media ads when Stealth Digital manages it:

  • We provide compelling, high lead generation ads
  • We create targeted ads to right people at the right time
  • Well researched terms, ad title, description and demographic
  • We will work with you during this journey

If you want your social media platforms to have consistent, professional, engaging content you’re in the right place. If Stealth Digital manage your social media business profile we will prove to you that we are the expert in our field by providing tips, the latest news and informative articles that support your current and potential customers. We highlight your achievements and promote your testimonials, this provides your audience confidence in your products/service.

Google Ads (you might remember them as Google Adwords! or PPC (pay-per-click)) are an effective part of creating a strong online presence for your business. It is a proven lead generation methods. It is one of the techniques to start your customers in your sales funnel.

Stealth Digital provides professionally managed Google Ads advertising services for small to medium sized businesses throughout NZ from our Tokoroa base. We have over 14 years’ experience in successfully managing Google advertising campaigns.

Google Search Ads get calls, enquiries & bookings from people searching on Google for what you do. More importantly they are targeted, so only your most valuable potential customers see your Ads.

What Stealth Digital will do with your Google Ads:

  • Google Ads are the top way of getting customers
  • Interact with potential leads, which can become conversions
  • Your business will get more leads
  • Increase website page rank
  • Get phone calls to your mobile
  • Interact with potential customers

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in simple term means the process and technique one should use to improve your site, to increase its visibility for relevant searches on search engine. 70% of clients will make a purchase or products or services for websites that show on page 1 of Search Engine Result searched.

What Stealth Digital will do with SEO + Analytics:

  • Setup SEO + Google Analytics
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Meta Keywords on Page and Across Website
  • Meta Keywords in Title
  • Breadcrumbs Setup

Alot of Businesses struggle with understanding new, modern marketing techniques, and there is a lack of educators in the digital marketing industry. Our biggest focus is to provide high quality, world-class marketing plans, implement them to the highest level, and provide our clients with results that they can understand and feel good about. With a large focus on investing in training, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new, highend marketing strategies that we can use to provide our clients fantastic outcomes.

Automatically sent automated emails when someone subscribes. This is one of the best use of email marketing. Imagine Automating the process when someone arrives to your website, they subscribe they get a few emails in the next couple of weeks and BAM they pay, win.

How Stealth Digital will help you with Email Marketing:

  1. We Work with you for the Marketing strategy
  2. Stealth Digital will research the best email marketing tools and approach
  3. Stealth Digital will Setup Forms, Flows, and Landing Pages
  4. Add Capture Form on the Website
  5. Optimise and Provide Report on a Monthly Basis. 

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

The process

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  3. We will send an email with plan and pricing.
  4. We get to work, no muck around.

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