How Google Ranks Websites in 2021

How Google Ranks Websites.

This blog covers how Google ranks websites by crawling first, then indexing it and finally ranking on Search Engines.

    • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • How Search Engines Finds, Analyses and Ranks website and pages

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process to enable search engines to FIND your website, it is also a way in improving your website VISIBILITY by using SEO techniques (keywords) by building AUTHORITY with relevant content.

How Google Ranks websites?

Search Engines does 3 things to rank websites and pages by firstly crawling, analysing adding authority.

How do Search Engine Crawl?

Firstly Google bots (aka spider) initially fetch only few web pages and try to make sense of them. Then the Google bots follow the links on the known pages to other pages. This is why backlinks are important. Google Bots discovers billion of pages and add them to Google Database. In most cases Google bots can automatically identify website pages, at times you need to manually tell Google – this is to be done by submitting sitemap.xml. The sitemap.xml shows bots the file architecture of your website. Robots.txt file is a page to tell bots what pages to crawl and what pages to not crawl.

How does Search Engine Index?

After Google spider finds your website, it needs to make sense of it. Firstly the Search Engines stores website in their database. This is a huge library of what Google Bots have discovered. Google does not store the content, but the index of what was discovered i.e. keywords and information from sitemap.xml

  • Search Engines store website in their database
  • It’s Huge Library of what Google Bots have discovered
  • It’s where Google analyses your website and stores them in an index
  • Google does not store website information, content, it stores the index (keywords) of website

How to find out how many of your pages have been indexed: e.g. eg site


For a full collection of SEO videos visit our videos page.

My website is not showing on Google what is it I’m doing wrong?

Firstly Google does not know your website is there. The plugin used in this course will mitigate that as it submits the sitemap.xml on regular basis to ensure the content you added, Google will find it. The website could also be relatively new, and it takes Google spiders 2 to 5 days to find it. The robots.txt file is blocking certain pages. Your website could also be penalised by Google. This happens if you break Googles rules including buying backlinks from external providers, or the links (site navigation) on your website is not working.

Google is not indexing my website why?

    • Google does not know about it – you need to tell Google about it
    • Website is relatively new
    • Robot.txt file blocking certain pages
    • Website is penalised by Google
    • Site navigation (links) are not working

How Google Ranks Websites?

Google uses Algorithms to show where and when to show your website in search results. The results are shown based on what Google thinks is the best result for any given query.

Here are some tips to rank website pages highly on Google.

  • Provide original or well researched content to gain quality backlinks
  • Build authority – be an expert in your niche
  • Backlinks – are votes from websites to another
  • Social Buzz – getting your content shared by someone else on social media will boost your ranking. Mentioned on twitter or instagram
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Having a secured site (https:)

How do I get started?

  • Stealth Digital optimises your website SEO by installing and configuring a SEO plugin

The plugin will help SEO by guiding user to ensure they reach the 80 SEO points. The plugin ensures the following items are checked/ticked off if covered in blog.

  • On page SEO Create a blog (goal is to reach over 80 SEO points)
    • Focus keyword in Title
    • Focus keyword in Description
    • Focus keyword in URL
    • Focus keyword in first 10% of content
    • Focus keyword found in content
    • Focus keyword found in headings
    • Focus keyword found in image alt tags
    • Add Video

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