SEO Title Best Practices in 2021


SEO Title Best Practices in 2021

The <title> tag is crucial for any SEO strategy to succeed. Missing, duplicate, and poorly written title tags can all negatively impact your SEO results. Even before a reader clicks on a link, the blog post’s title is what catches their attention. A well-written title holds the power to pique the interest of the reader. But that’s all on the side of the audience.

What is a Title Tag?

The title tag is an HTML tag that exists in the head section of each webpage. It provides an initial cue or context as to what the topical subject matter is of the respective page it is on. 

On this page the title is ‘5 Search Engine Optimisation Title Best Practices’ – as you will find below there are reasons why Stealth Digital used the above format for this post.

To rank well in the Google, you need to optimize your page titles for the search engines. SEO title optimization is an important factor that search engines use to determine whether or not your page is relevant to a search query. In short, if you want to boost your rankings, you need to pay attention to SEO title optimization.

SEO Title Best Practices in 2021
SEO Title Best Practices in 2021 - Stealth Digital

How to Optimise SEO Title?

Not only can your titles impact your search results rankings, but they can also affect user experience.

Writing effective titles isn’t hard if you know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for SEO title optimization.

1. Title Format

Ideally <primary keywords> <secondary keywords> <year> <brand name>. For example:
Primary keyword: SEO Title Best Practices
Year: 2021
Brand: Stealth Digital

According to Stealth Digital testing and experience, keywords closer to the beginning of your title tag may have more impact on search rankings. In addition, user experience research shows that people may scan as few as the first two words of a headline. This is why we recommend titles where the most unique aspect of the page (e.g. the product name) appears first. Our Brand, Stealth Digital is the least unique is at the end of Title. 

SEO Title Best Practices in 2021

2. Title Length

Generally, search engines display only the first 60-70 characters of a page’s title in their search results. For this reason, the length of your title plays an important role in SEO title optimization. After 70 or so characters, Google will displays an ellipsis […].

Mobile Phones can display titles on 2 lines whereas computer browsers limits it to 1 line.

SEO Title Best Practices in 2021 Title Length - Stealth Digital

3. Unique Title

Unique titles help search engines understand that your content is unique and valuable, and also drive higher click-through rates. On the scale of hundreds or thousands of pages, it may seem impossible to craft a unique title for every page, but modern CMS and code-based templates should allow you to at least create data-driven, unique titles for almost every important page of your site. 

First impressions count: Your title tag is typically the first thing a potential visitor will take notice of when performing a search. So this is your chance to make a positive first impression;
Brand leverage: People trust brands. If you’re a household name in your industry, make sure you prominently display your brand name in your title tag. Again, this entices the click and leads to more traffic. (More on this later!)

4. Shows in Browser Tab

Your title tag is also displayed at the top of your web browser and acts as a placeholder, especially for people who have many browser tabs open. Unique and easily recognizable titles with important keywords near the front help ensure that people don’t lose track of your content.

SEO Title Best Practices in 2021 Browser
SEO Title Best Practices in 2021 Browser Display

5. Use Your Brand Name

Using your brand’s name in your title tag can add an element of relatability and credibility to your content. This is especially true in the case of well-established brands. If users already recognize your brand, they are more likely to click on a page title that features your brand. That’s because they are likely to consider you as a more trustworthy and reliable source of information.

Let Stealth Digital Handle Your SEO Title.

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